Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BE broadband provider is now on Twitter

High-speed broadband ISP, BE has setup a Twitter profile to enable its customers to get information and updates about their service in short messages. The new communication tool will help the UK broadband service provider to alert its members of any outages or network problems as they crop up.

Recently, the customers of O2 broadband and Orange mobile broadband were left without broadband access due to the outage on their networks. Fast communication tools like Twitter are useful when such outages happen and the users get frequent updates through their accounts.

Here is the address of BE's Twitter profile which the customers can follow to get updates:


Oli White, Head of Marketing at BE Broadband, said:

“We’re constantly looking for innovative new ways of communicating with our members using tools that are currently available. Twitter is perfect for sending out short messages to people that want to subscribe to them, so it was a natural fit for us to offer this service to customers. Hopefully it should add to the numerous other channels we use to communicate with our members and should help to prevent any surprise from outages.”

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