Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BE broadband provider is now on Twitter

High-speed broadband ISP, BE has setup a Twitter profile to enable its customers to get information and updates about their service in short messages. The new communication tool will help the UK broadband service provider to alert its members of any outages or network problems as they crop up.

Recently, the customers of O2 broadband and Orange mobile broadband were left without broadband access due to the outage on their networks. Fast communication tools like Twitter are useful when such outages happen and the users get frequent updates through their accounts.

Here is the address of BE's Twitter profile which the customers can follow to get updates:


Oli White, Head of Marketing at BE Broadband, said:

“We’re constantly looking for innovative new ways of communicating with our members using tools that are currently available. Twitter is perfect for sending out short messages to people that want to subscribe to them, so it was a natural fit for us to offer this service to customers. Hopefully it should add to the numerous other channels we use to communicate with our members and should help to prevent any surprise from outages.”

Saturday, September 5, 2009

UK broadband service providers wrote open letter criticising internet anti-piracy policy

Many UK broadband internet providers and other digital freedom activitists joined together to attack the government's new proposals to disconnect the broadband services of suspected illegal internet downloaders.

In a open letter to The Times, the heads of leading UK ISPs including Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse, Ian Livingston of BT, Tom Alexander of Orange have criticised the the new anti-piracy policy of the government, drawn by the Business secretary, Lord Mendelson.

The letter warned that disconnection is against freedom of internet users and this harsh measure failed in other countries due to protests from broadband users.

The broadband ISPs have given a few suggestions on how to stop illegal file sharing over internet:

"We must avoid an extra-judicial ‘kangaroo court’ process where evidence is not properly tested and accused broadband users are denied the right to defend themselves against false accusations. Without these protections innocent customers will suffer.”

The broadband service providers were also against the government's proposal that the providers should share the cost of tracking file sharers.

“The proposal that ISPs and by implication broadband customers should pay most of the cost of these measures to support the creative industries is grossly unfair since the vast majority of consumers do not illegally file share. Further, this payment approach would discourage content industries from developing new services.” the letter replied.

In July, the original Digital Britain report did not approve the broadband disconnection policy and rather supported other methods like slowing down of broadband speeds when any user found sharing files illegally.

Last month, the Business secretary, Lord Mandelson said the government would amend the original digital plan and might bring severe laws such as suspending broadband connection against the illegal file sharers.

The open letter was also under-signed by Jim Killock of Open Rights Group, Ed Mayo of Consumer Focus and Deborah Prince of Which?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Virgin Media XXL broadband deal goes cheaper

Virgin Media, the cable ISP has just reduced the price of its XXL package. This superfast broadband package offers up to 50 Mbps download speed and 1.5Mbps upload speed.

New customers can get Virgin Media XXL broadband package on two options: as a standalone broadband or a bundled offer with Virgin Phone M package.

If you take Virgin Media XXL broadband only package, the new price will be £33 per month for the first 3 months and £38 thereafter.

However the same broadband package will cost just £18 per month for the first 3 months and £28 thereafter, when you take it with Phone M plan.

Virgin Media broadband packages (Virgin Media L and Virgin Media XL and XXL) offer unlimited downloads, free wireless router, online storage etc.

With XXL package, you also get free installation, Unlimited weekend calls to UK landline numbers (with Phone M package) and maximum speeds not managed by any policy even during peak hours.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Universal broadband access in UK would cause employees migration

UK broadband provider, Orange has released a broadband survey that predicts greater population changes in UK cities and regions by 2015 due to increased broadband services and universal broadband access in UK, making the employees to move to their preferred locations.

Digital Britain aims to provide minimum 2Mbps broadband service to everyone in UK by 2012. If UK successfully completes this project, there could be change in UK population map as people would move to lesser populated areas with broadband access, the study reports

According to the findings, some major cities and regions will see their population become less dense. For instance, cities in East and West Midlands and parts of North like Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester which have high-speed internet access facilities will be less populated as 80 percent of residents could move to other regions like mountains or coasts. These regions would provide broadband access in five years from now.

Broadband infrastructure will continue to be upgraded in the coming years. As a result, South West of England will see the population to go up by 150 percent while London will be more poplulated by 40 percent. There will be 50 percent up in the population of Scotland . The study shows that high-speed broadband availability in these areas could develop businesses and thereby increasing the value of residential properties in these regions.

Mobile working would grow with the broadband growth, the study indicates. People who were surveyed preferred flexible working as they found it more productive and convenient. The study also reveals the UK businesses can save up to £31.7 billion by introducing flexible working pattern.

James Bellini, Futurologist says:
“Our research shows that already 39% of people are able to work some or all of the time from a location of their choice and employees are increasingly realising that they can be just as productive working from home or on the move.”

“As connectivity across Britain increases, so too will mobile working, making the traditional office almost obsolete. In fact, by 2020, a successful and forward-looking business will have no HQ, probably no CEO and only a fraction of the fixed assets it has today.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free broadband offers from UK broadband providers

Many broadband providers in UK started offering free broadband to the new customers. This kind of introductory offers help the customers to make a small saving on the broadband cost. Usually, new customers need to sign a contract to get the free broadband offers. Some of the broadband ISPs who launched free broadband offer are BT, O2, TalkTalk etc.

BT broadband offers three broadband packages to home users. BT announced three month free broadband for the new customers who sign 12 or 24 month contract. The new offer will help the customers to save up to £55.

O2 ISP will continue with its two month free broadband for another month until the end of this month. O2 broadband already offers incentive on the broadband deals for its mobile customers. Free broadband offer will help O2 customers to save up to £45 on the yearly cost.

TalkTalk also launched three month free broadband offer for its customers to save nearly £20. BT business broadband also launched three month free broadband for the customers. Currently, BT business offers three broadband packages for UK businesses.