Friday, August 14, 2009

TalkTalk UK broadband provider Review

TalkTalk, the main subsidiary of the Carphone Warehouse Group, has been on the news in recent times. The broadband provider who first launched free broadband with its talk plans, acquired Tiscali ISP last month. The acquisition would increase the broadband base of TalkTalk provider no doubt. The recent quarter results from TalkTalk ISP has given decent numbers despite the recession hit the broadband market since the last year.

TalkTalk broadband offers 8Mbps speeds with 40GB download limits at a reasonable monthly price of £6.49. The ISP also announced free broadband for three months for the new customers. When new customers sign up for TalkTalk broadband internet, their bills will be credited with £19.47 which worth broadband for three months, nevertheless.

TalkTalk broadband ISP also includes free wireless router and free customer support. TalkTalk call plans offer unlimited calls to UK landlines and free evenings & weekend voice mails.

TalkTalk broadband service provider is currently offering 40Mbps fibre line broadband (FTTC) trial service to its customers at London and Cardiff. The trial roll out will continue till January 2010. During the trial, TalkTalk customers in these areas will be offered high-speed modems/routers to access super-fast broadband internet.

TalkTalk ISP was reported to have offered reliable speeds, which were quite better than 4.1Mbps average UK broadband speed in Ofcom speed survey report. We can say, TalkTalk broadband is definitely improving its network and service in recent times and the news reports confirm this.

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