Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is broadband?

Broadband internet or simply broadband is a technology that helps you to surf the web much faster than dial-up connection. Unlike dial-up internet connection, broadband allows you to use both voice service (telephony) and internet service at the same time. Broadband connection usually provides stable connectivity means it is always on. You need not reconnect to internet like you did with dial-up.

Broadband connection means faster internet access service. While dial-up service provides not more than 56 Kbps, with broadbad, you can get higher speeds of up to 8 Mbps on a standard ADSL line.

How broadband works?
You can get broadband connection via standard telephone lines or digital cable wires. ADSL broadband offers faster download speeds usually on telephone wires. Cable broadband refers to broadband offering via the cable networks usually laid under the ground. Cable broadband that uses fibre optic wires can offer much higher speeds than ADSL fixed broadband lines.

ADSL broadband speeds also get affected by the line quality (depending on what type of wires are used) and the distance between the telephone exchange and the user.

With cable broadband, speeds may vary due to congestion meaning how many people share the same line.

How to get broadband service?
Choose the right broadband type for your needs. Both ADSL and cable broadband technologies do not vary much in quality. However, the factors like cost and availability would help you to choose which type is more suitable for you.

Before choosing a broadband package, read all the information about the UK broadband service providers and packages and this will help you to compare the ISPs and their deals. Broadband reviews from the top comparison sites could be of much use to pick the best deal. It is important that you analyse all the information about broaband service providers to make an informed decision.

If you switch from dial-up to broadband and are a beginner, browse through beginner broadband guides that would tell you everything about broadband and will help to become an expert user of internet in no time.

After signing up with your provider, you will get all the broadband kit to get started. Simply follow the instructions given in doucment to complete the installation of modem or any broadband hardware.

If you have any sort of problem during installationa or your contract period, contact the customer support team of your broadband ISP and ask for the technical help.

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