Saturday, August 1, 2009

PlusNet UK ISP release speed data, report average speeds of 4.4Mbps

PlusNet broadband ISP recently released some important data on the speeds received by its customers who use the provider's existing BT 20CN network and the next generation high speed 21CN broadband network.

The average speeds on 8Mb packages are around 4.4Mbps while the customers who are on ADSL 2+ broadband network get mean speed around 6.5Mbps. PlusNet received these speed data from BT Wholesale. The speeds used in making charts are thoroughput speeds or data rate speeds. They are usually lower than sync speeds or line rate. The line rate usually varies due to line quality and distance between the user and the exchange. PlusNet said its customers who live near to th exchanges received relatively higher speeds.

It should be noted Ofcom and Samknows released their speed survey report that includes fixed line broadband providers networks. The report indicated that broadband customers in the UK get an average 4.1 Mbps for the advertised speeds of 8Mbps.

Ofocm criticized UK broadband providers for misleading their customers with 'up to' speeds tag on their packages. However, Ofcom was glad to note that the UK ISPs are planning to invest on upgrading their networks to offer better service to broadband customers in UK.

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