Friday, July 24, 2009

Should Illegal file sharing on the internet be treated a offence?

Internet is a great way to get information or to be in touch with people around us. We need to send and receive information in many spheres including personal and official. Most common uses of internet are communicating via emails, photo sharing etc. As for the information sharing, this is vital for individuals and businesses. However, the digital information that we share on the internet should not have legal complications such as illegal file sharing meaning the copy righted prducts like music albums, movies, games etc are being shared freely on the internet.

People who are involved in music or film industry will be certainly affected if this trend of illegal file sharing continues. We see people happily downloading files, movies, music from torrent sites without caring about the license or copy right. These illegal downloaders had also put so much load on the networks of their broadband providers. The result is, severe slow down and some times outage for hours.

In 2008, the music industry in the UK had talked with ISPs in UK asking the broadband service providers to implementing three strikes method. This method is nothing but disconnecting broadband services of the suspected internet users after a couple of warnings. Most ISPs in Britain did not support this method and the latest Digital Britain report asked the ISPs to find some alternative way as broadband service is an essential service in present conditions.

However, a few broadband ISP providers like Karoo, (Kingston Communications), broadband ISP in Hull area were severe in their appproach and cut off broadband internet services if they find someone is illegally sharing files. Lately, Karoo had suspended broaband internet connections of the customers who were suspected for downloading copy righted contents illegally.

Pathetically, Karoo's customers have no other ISP they can look for as there are no BT lines in this area. The sad story is the suspended customers of Karoo a couple of years ago, have not got back the service. They have no other option but to wait.

However, Karoo defends its actions saying it is protecting the people from illegal activities.

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