Monday, July 27, 2009

3G broadband connections to exceed 200m by next year

3G mobile broadband based on HSPA technology is set to grow faster as there will be more than 200m connections globally by next year, the GSMA reported.

Currently, HSPA mobile broadband is available in more than 127 countries and mobile broadband internet customers use as many as 300 devices that include laptops, netbooks and handsets to access mobile broadband, it was revealed.

LTE or Long Term Evolution technology is considered the next generation mobile broadband technology to meet the growing traffic needs on networks. Currently, LTE or 4G mobile broadband technology see high level of adoption in developed nations. This may soon be followed in other countries after a few years.

In the UK, next generation LTE broadband will possibly be launched in a couple of years, as the network providers would come to invest for such projects.

HSPA mobile broadband is both cost-effective and can address the data needs of broadband hungry users in the current scenario. In many nations, 3G mobile broadband provides broadband coverage to the areas which are called notspots or where there is no fixed broadband.

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